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We Are a Swimming Pool Supply, Maintenance, and Repair Company

Pool Supply companies

We install and repair heaters, pumps, vacuums, filters, automation systems and everything that a swimming pool would require additionally like valves, plumping, and clogging


We provide professional water testing on-site and on out retail location.

We are family owned with over 30 years of combined experience (licensed and bonded).

We cater to all clients including residential accounts and business accounts for wholesale pricing.

We are more than happy to serve real estate companies and single pool owners alike.

The company started in 2008 and recently opened a retail location with a workshop available.

Our company is growing faster than ever and we want our customers to take advantage of the deals we offer.


We care for all our clients, we show it off by offering free professional water testing, free in-shop labor, lowest prices in town guaranateed.

As the co-founder of Aquatic Pool Supplies, Bryan Lozano has made it his mission to provide quality pool service to the Bakersfield area. Inspired by the ideology of solving your pool problems rather than treating the symptoms, his work speaks for itself.

Started as a simple pool route service and developed into an established and reputable swimming pool company offering a ton of services other than pool maintenance such as heater installations, automation, and restoration.

Providing Bakersfield with the best pool service, repair, installations, and supplies in town. We will diagnose and solve your swimming pool needs. Call us now for a free consultation. 661-772-7040. See you soon!

We offer monthly discounts and free services for our clients. Please feel free to take advantage of our offers.


Covering Your Pool Will Reduce Extra Work, and Cost!

Our Selection of Aquatic and Pool Supplies Can Help Make Pool Maintenance Easier, Allowing you to Get More Out of Your Pool.

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Our Goal is to Supply State of the Art and Low Price Products for All of Our Customers

Aquatic Pool Supplies strives everyday to provide our customers with top notch service, professionalism, respect, and value.

Our goal is to keep your pool looking clean, running smoothly, and to keeping it the way when our client first got it.

We Go Through Various Companies When It Comes To Purchasing New Stock For Our Store. We Provide the Newest Products on the Market to Provide Customer Awareness, and Keep Your Pool Healthier Than Ever.
If Our Customers Need A Weekly Cleaning Personel To Assist Their Pool Needs We Can Suit Their Needs.
Even before you are our customer, feel free to call us today to get a specialist at your home inspecting your levels of pH, chlorine, and etc... FOR FREE
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Our Success Is What Turn People To Us

Aquatic Pool Supply has helped hundreds of home owners deal with their pools, jacuzzis, and etc... Let us help you too.

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Ready to get your Pool Cleaner than Ever?

Call our friendly sales staff to get all your pool needs with Aquatic Pool Supply and see the difference within 24 hours. We're committed to results and are ready to help you now.

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